Counseling/Mental Health Resources for Catastrophic Events

Welcome to the resource page for recovery from traumatic events.

If your school is responding to a mass casualty or overwhelming event and you’d like support, you can call us at 503-585-3484 or text us at 503-508-6767.



PDFs in this section cover general information about Flight Team Training.

Following Mass Casualty Events

Trauma Guidelines Family 2022


Counselors/Mental Health Professionals

This includes a range of activities designed to use with youth who have experienced trauma. 

Calming Techniques

Anger T Shirt

Aura Body Stress Reduction

Circle of Trust

For Families

The following are guidelines and activities that may be helpful for parents and caring adults to use with youth.

Dealing With Tragedy & Trauma

“Cheri’s wealth of experience brings rich insight and much depth to responding to trauma.  Her guidance changed more than my skillset; it changed my life.”

Cheri Lovre is the embodiment of what she teaches. As a master communicator, with skill and compassion, she can help transform a school. During 9/11, 2001, I was Director of Pupil Personnel Services in the NYC school district, surrounding the World Trade Center. She served the “schools that fled Ground Zero” for two years.  The advice, warmth and wisdom Cheri offered guided our decisions as her activities facilitated our recovery.


Marjorie Robbins, Pupil Personnel Services Director for NYCBOE, District Two, Lower Manhattan