Supporting Youth After Suicide

It is often difficult for parents, teachers and others in the lives of youth to know what to say when someone dies by suicide.  This 10-minute video gives adults helpful concepts and a starting place for those difficult conversations.

Please feel free to share the link to this page.  Having these conversations with youth in the aftermath of these events is one step in prevention.  Watch this to learn more about your role in helping youth!

This PDF download gives a few of the salient points: Suicide Guidelines for Parents

This PDF lists the warning signs, myths and truths about suicide: Suicide Warning Signs, Myths & Truths

Please feel free to share the PDFs as well.  You have permission to make as many copies as you like, but we simply request that you respect the copyright on our documents and only distribute them exactly as they are with the copyright and contact information intact at the bottom.

CMI provides consultation and support to schools in the aftermath of tragedies and crises.  Contact us if you’d like further information regarding your particular situation.

We’re recently authored a prevention program called 5 Radical Minutes. Learn more here about the ways it supports youth, families, teachers, school counselors, and school administrators.

Our hearts are with all who struggle with the loss of a loved one to suicide.