Course School Crisis Response | COVID-19 Edition


NEW School Crisis Response Resource – COVID Edition
This is an online manual plus video segments and worksheets that provide the foundation for your new crisis response plan. Includes:

  • Communications: Critical procedures, helpful language, suggested strategies
  • Safe Rooms, vigils and life tributes in a distance learning environment
  • Activities to help students process loss in a virtual Safe Room

Our new resource walks you through the ins and outs of challenges and provides activities that make the concepts specific to your needs. You’ll finish with a clear understanding on how to navigate diverse aspects of our current plight.

We will have hard copy manuals available soon.

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This online manual and resource transforms the concepts of the crisis resource manual and crisis team training to be effective in our distance learning environment. To be most effective, a team of three from a building watch the videos simultaneously and then collaborate on the activities provided for each segment. That process guides you through adapting the resource to your unique needs. This assures that each time you respond, your plan is apt to cover all the bases.

We will have hard copy manuals available soon.