Safe Passage / Regaining Balance Bundle



A special summer bundle includes both our Safe Passage and Regaining Balance books together for the price of one!

Regaining Balance shows administrators, teachers, and staff how to create a systematic, caring response that supports the most vulnerable students, builds community relations, and allows the school to return to academics and a “new normal” more quickly. Over time staff gain confidence and much-needed practice facing challenging events.

The author offers practical, step-by-step suggestions for each stage of the response, including visiting grieving parents, dealing with student suicide, and helping children cope with death and grief. It includes a CD, as well as a tabbed at-a-glance section of invaluable reproducible checklists and handouts.  Safe Passage: Leading Your School Through Crisis and Recovery is the companion manual, which covers events in which lives are threatened on campus during the school day.

With Safe Passage, you will learn how to organize and train teams to effectively respond to critical incidents. Cheri draws on 30 years’ experience in responding to some of the nation’s most well-known school tragedies to guide you through the planning stages, the immediate response, and the essential long-term emotional recovery that is so often overlooked.

Safe Passage includes a CD, as well as a tabbed at-a-glance section of reproducible check lists and handouts to enable you to quickly respond with calm and confidence during your school’s greatest challenges.