Regaining Balance Leading Your School Through Loss


Every school is vulnerable to local tragedies that don’t make the national news, but still devastate a school community: the death of a beloved teacher from cancer, a child abducted over the weekend, or a drunken-driving accident that claims the lives of several students.


Regaining Balance shows administrators, teachers, and staff how to create a systematic, caring response that supports the most vulnerable students, builds community relations, and allows the school to return to academics and a “new normal” more quickly. Over time staff gain confidence and much-needed practice facing challenging events.

The author offers practical, step-by-step suggestions for each stage of the response, including visiting grieving parents, dealing with student suicide, and helping children cope with death and grief. It includes a CD, as well as a tabbed at-a-glance section of invaluable reproducible checklists and handouts.  Safe Passage: Leading Your School Through Crisis and Recovery is the companion manual, which covers events in which lives are threatened on campus during the school day.

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