Jump Start Your Self-Care

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Covid has changed so much for all of us. You give and give and give everything you have all week long to your students. You give to your family and friends over the weekend. You probably say yes more than is practical. Days are full and sleep is scant. Anxieties run high and energy runs low. This Guide provides practical steps forward for you and those around you.


You’ll Discover

  • How to remember joy
  • How to recall things you love to do
  • How to prioritize time for what matters
  • How to create rituals that feed your soul
  • How to schedule self-care
  • How to organize your time to bring more joy
  • How manage anxiety
  • Simple ways to encourage others
  • How to have conversations with those around you who need self-care
  • Questions that will help others lower their anxiety
  • Activities to help others manage anxiety
  • How to help the leaders around you model self-care


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