Flight Team Training


Participants will leave this training prepared to respond to a range of school tragedies and crises: deaths, homicides, natural disasters, and more. A number of organizational options (district, regional, community) are presented to maximize team strength.  This is also a prerequisite for Facilitator Training.

Winter Cohort: Thursdays, Jan. 13 – Mar. 3, 2022

                    8:30 – 11 .a.m.Pacific Timezone


Each session is taught online, then staff divides into small groups for activities to build skills. Using your training and our Crisis Resource Manual, your school or district will have an organized team, and a plan of action for whatever comes your way.


  • Training will be completed in eight 2 1/2-hour sessions.
  • All participants attend a weekly session with Cheri Lovre or a trained facilitator.
  • Weekly assignments are completed in small group online Zoom sessions at times of your small group’s choosing.

What's Included

  • 20 hours of live training with Cheri Lovre or a Crisis Management Institute Certified Trainer
  • Handouts and Activities
  • One copy of the Crisis Resource Manual


Orientation to Crisis Response

  • Overview of Crisis Response
  • Flow Chart of Crisis Day


  • Tasks of Grief
  • Developmental Stages of Grief


  • Garlinghouse Theory
  • Impact of Suicide on a Response


  • Trauma in the Individual
  • Impact of Trauma on a Response

Roles of Staff and FT & Safe Room Activities

  • Roles of Staff and Flight Team
  • Safe Room Activities

The Safe Room

  • Safe Room Organization
  • Safe Room Process
  • Safe Room Activities

Life Tribute & Student Belongings, The Empty Desk

  • Life Tribute
  • Student Belongings and the Empty Desk


  • Student Announcements
  • Media and Communications

Needs of Staff

  • Needs of Administration
  • Needs of Staff

Life Tribute and Next Steps and more

  • Life Tribute
  • Next Steps: Organizational Options

Additional information

Training Dates

Fall Training (Part A): October 21, Nov 4 & 18, Dec 2 & 16, Spring Training (Part B): Spring 2022