Flight Team Facilitator Training


If you’ve attended Cheri Lovre’s 3-day Crisis Response Training, you now have the opportunity to become a Flight Team Facilitator for others.

The spring cohort will begin in late February. The summer cohort will begin in early July.

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Facilitator Training invites experienced Flight Team members (school crisis responders) to become CMI Certified Facilitators. Those who successfully complete this training will be able to train district crisis response teams using the CMI training videos and materials.


  • Training will be completed in ten 2-hour sessions.
  • All participants attend a weekly Zoom session with Cheri.
  • Weekly assignments are completed in small group online video sessions at times of your group’s choosing.
  • Homework is submitted weekly for feedback and comments.

What's Included

  • 20 hours of live training with Cheri Lovre
  • Access to all Handouts and Materials for use in future Trainings
  • Access to a private forum with all other trained facilitators
  • Direct access to Cheri during “Office Hours”
  • Discounts on future Webinars


Orientation to Crisis Response

  • Overview of Crisis Response
  • Flow Chart of Crisis Day


  • Tasks of Grief
  • Developmental Stages of Grief


  • Garlinghouse Theory
  • Impact of Suicide on a Response


  • Trauma in the Individual
  • Impact of Trauma on a Response

Roles of Staff and FT & Safe Room Activities

  • Roles of Staff and Flight Team
  • Safe Room Activities

Safe Room 2

  • Safe Room Organization
  • Safe Room Process

Life Tribute & Student Belongings, The Empty Desk

  • Life Tribute
  • Student Belongings and the Empty Desk

Media & Communications

  • Student Announcements
  • Media and Communications

Needs of Staff

  • Needs of Administration
  • Needs of Staff

Life Tribute and Next Steps

  • Life Tribute
  • Next Steps: Organizational Options


Once trained, Flight Team Facilitators will use our 20 video segments and materials to train their teams. Your intended audience will draw from school administrators, counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and teachers, but may also include local children's mental health workers, faith-based youth educators and others who can benefit from this training and who may partner with the school following larger crises.


    • Participants must have already attended at least one three-day Crisis Response training with Cheri Lovre.