Crisis Response Team Training with Local Certified Trainer


If anything can throw you a curve, crisis can! We now have Crisis Management Institute certified facilitators who provide virtual or on-site training for teams.

Each facilitator has been trained by Cheri Lovre, who has more than 40 years of experience working with schools and communities through crisis, loss, and recovery.

Training flexibility allows for these teams to be district-wide, county-wide or of other configurations including agencies.


Who Should Attend

Districts are encouraged to include:

  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Clerical Staff,
  • Transportation
  • Safety Officers
  • Any other of your key people

Some will attend specific portions of the training while others will attend the training in its entirety. The team that responds to the students’ needs in grief attend all sessions.


Training includes 1 Crisis Resource Manual ($55) for the attendee. Additional copies are available through our online store.
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This is a comprehensive, broad training that includes conceptual aspects, problem-solving, planning, skill-building and pragmatic steps to take. Those who complete the entire training will receive a CMI certificate of completion from the Facilitator.


Live virtual or on-site classes include the following content:

  • Administrative and Organizational Issues, Integrating What You Already Have in Place
  • Grief, loss and bereavement in youth
  • Suicide, Its Impact on the School Setting, and Recovery issues
  • Trauma in the Individual
  • Stabilizing the Environment
  • SafeRooms
  • Life Tributes
  • Nuts and bolts of putting it all together
  • Next Steps


  • Crisis Response Training Manual
  • Checklists of things to do
  • Flyers
  • Templates for letters
  • Guidelines for teachers, counselors and others
  • Much, much more


More about Cheri Lovre

Cheri Lovre started as a Behavioral Specialist in the 1980s writing IEPs and working with behaviorally challenged students in schools. She noticed that many of the students on her caseload were struggling with grief or trauma. As a result, by the mid-80s she was training school crisis response teams (Flight Teams). She wrote the Crisis Resource Manual in 1985.  Armed with her third book, the Catastrophic Events Resource Manual in the 90s, she began responding to school shootings. Her first response was Thurston High School, Springfield. Just one year later she responded to Columbine. Cheri spent 2 years in  NYC following 9/11 and her work continues still. With every on-site response, she’s gained more and more insight on the root of all of this violence. Read more about her experience here.

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Local Trainer:

Miko Price, Francisco Olaya, Rita Barbong, Bobbie Downs, Laura Ilardo, Heather Main, Kimberly Clodfelter, Brooke Vermes, Teresa Dowdy

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