All Staff Preparedness


This set of 25 videos is designed to prepare your staff to support students through crises and tragedies. From reading the announcement of a tragedy to helping students process their reactions and emotions right on through follow-up over the coming weeks, this program equips teachers and staff to maintain a stable environment and better meet students’ needs.

Topics address understanding how crisis teams work and organizational issues as well as skills and knowledge teachers will use in the classroom regarding how to handle the empty desk, how Safe Rooms operate and how responding after suicide is different.

Covid-Friendly: The beauty of this program is that it works just as well in a distance-learning setting as for in-person staff or departmental meetings. The group break-out function allows small group process for activities.




  • Increased Staff Confidence: Staff will have peace of mind and teachers will know how to prevent small crisis from cascading into larger ones.
  • Solid Guidelines: Staff will be able to collect practical guidelines for a variety of incidents that may occur in the classroom, the school, or the community at large.
  • 25 5-Minute Training Videos: Each video is sharply targeted on one particular topic, so each session is laser-focused.
  • Interactive Skill-Building: Each video has an optional small group activity to take knowledge into hands-on skills.  Just watching the video brings knowledge; adding the activities builds skills.
  • Enhanced Trust in School: Students gain trust as teachers feel greater comfort being emotionally available and students’  needs are met.
  • Decreased Stress: No one will have to wonder, “What if…” because they know there’s already a clear plan of action ready to go when needed.
  • Handouts for Easy Reference: Each video has a handout that outlines the basic principles of each topic, and often include suggested scripts for staff to use or actions to take.
  • Available On-Demand: Because these videos are pre-recorded, they easily fit into your staff’s schedule, not ours.
  • Your purchase grants you a 1-year license.