Administrator Foundational Crisis Response Training



This course includes a series of videos and activities that is best completed when offered as synchronous learning by a district, either in small or large groups. Once all district administrators have been trained, this series can be an orientation for all administrative new hires on an annual basis. Again, it is most effective if all new administrators can take this course as a cohort. For those hired mid-year, it can be completed individually in order to gain the basic understanding, and it would be helpful to join the next cohort to experience the activities.

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District-wide Implementation:

The content is coordinated with the crisis response team (“Flight Team”) training for school counselors and mental health staff. When responding to a building in need, team members will only take actions that are approved by the administrator, so building leadership is always in control.

In order for teams to respond to crisis effectively, it is imperative that both district and site administrators have a clear understanding of best practices and the theory behind the actions we take to serve students and staff well. Any administrator could be called upon to assist in a crisis, no matter what administrative position. When a district is training a Flight Team, all administrators need to complete this program during that same time period.


The training includes videos that range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in length. Each comes with a small-group activity designed to take knowledge gained from the videos into skills and action steps.

Topics include:

  • The Flow Chart of Crisis Day (15 minutes)
  • Considerations (A collection of nuggets of wisdom) (15 minutes)
  • Tasks of Grief (The tasks of grief and the opportunities schools need to offer (15 min.)
  • What to Do with the Empty Desk and Student Belongings (15 minutes)
  • Reading Death Announcements to Students (7 minutes)


The per-participant fee is $100 per administrator or participant.

District site license options are available, allowing your administrators to have access to these videos 24/7 all year long.

Contact CMI for more information on site licenses by calling 503-585-3484 or using this link.