Meet Our Experts

cheri lovre

Director, CMI

Cheri began offering grief groups to students in the 1970s and became a behavioral specialist in 1985, where the Flight Team concept was born.  In the 90s she began responding to school shootings including Thurston HS and  Columbine HS, and then spent two years in NYC supporting the 27 schools that fled Ground Zero following the attacks on 9/11.  Her bio is here

kyle laier

Former Superintendent

Leader Guy who Does Good Stuff

Kyle combines the experience of a  seasoned district administrator with the insights of a practiced leader in crisis response.  As co-architect of this newest resource, Kyle’s understanding of the administrator’s needs shines.  The program brings the wealth of Lovre and Laier’s combined wisdom, along with all of our associate leaders,  which makes for ridiculously fabulous wonderments available to all!! Kind of like the best buffet ever!!!   (Is that good, Kyle???!)

Rob Comeau

Retired Principal

Rob’s school experienced an intruder-related death of one student and life-threatning injuries to another.  Amidst the international news pressure, he remained focused on the well-being of his staff and students’ recovery.  Abbotsford SD (BC, Canada) had a long history of CMI training and also on-site support from Ms. Lovre following difficult events.

marty hudacs

Retired Superintendent

Dr. Hudacs was a district administrator when the Nickel Mines Amish School shooting occurred in 2006.  The shooter’s children attended one of his elementary schools, so his first question was, “How do we best support the children and family of the man who did this?”  Amid hundreds of national and international media vans and crews, his Public Information Officer handled media relations on behalf of the Amish, who don’t allow themselves to be on camera.  Read more here.

Michelle Whitney

Superintendent, Pasco Public Schools

Michelle has been implementing CMI’s Flight Team Model for over 20 years, first as a counselor, then moving up the administrative ladder.  She has led her district through a traumatic incident that garnered national media attention, a teacher’s strike and numerous other challenging events.  See her bio here.

andy lenon

Trauma Specialist, School Counselor

In a proactive move, Andy called CMI when many of the students in his school experienced a shooting during a church service during the summer.  Andy and Cheri were able to work together with parents, with the congregation and with the school staff toward the best possible recovery for these students.  It worked in our favor that he was already way ahead of the curve in trauma-informed practices.  Andy is practiced, not just informed!

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