Training to Prepare Your Staff for Any Crisis

Our “Flight Team” Training provides 20 different areas of focus and gives a comprehensive foundation to those who will help schools recover when crisis or tragedy strikes.

Train Your Team

Participants will leave this training prepared to respond to a range of school tragedies and crises: deaths, homicides, suicides, natural disasters and more.  Helpful strategies also guide responses in any event that shatters parent trust, such as arrest of a staff member for sexual relations with a student.  A number of organizational options (district, regional, community) are presented to maximize team strength depending on resource availability in your locale.

Intended Audience:  See below.

Flight Team Training What Your Gain
Flight Team Training How It Works

Live Zoom Option

Instead of having one big district training every few years, our Zoom option allows you to train new hires each year, making budgeting much more manageable. Districts sending ten or more qualify for group rates.  All participants are required to be on their own laptops with functioning web cams.

On-Site Option

We’re beginning to do on-site trainings again, so check with us if you’d like an in-person training.  We’re able to take a deeper dive and create more opportunities for skill-building.  This runs three consecutive days.  We usually cap at about 50 participants.  Administrators attend two half-days.  Team members attend all three.  You are welcome to invite other districts to fill your training.  Inquire here.


Flight Team Training What Your Gain

Training Structure

  • Training will be 20 hours (either 7 sessions 2.75 hours long or ten 2-hour sessions).
  • Each session includes large group learning, break-out sessions using handouts, and large group Q&A.
  • Weekly assignments may be given to be completed in small group Zoom  sessions at times of your small group’s choosing.

Who Should Attend

  • School Administrators
  • School Counselors
  • School Social Workers
  • School Psychologists
  • School Nurses
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Faith-Based Educators 
  • Community People

Topics Included

  • Overview of Crisis Response

  • Flow Chart of Crisis Day

  • Tasks of Grief

  • Developmental Stages of Grief

  • Garlinghouse Theory
  • Impact of Suicide on a Response
  • Trauma in the Individual
  • Trauma – Impact on a Response
  • Roles of Staff and Flight Team
  • Safe Room Activities
  • Safe Room Organization
  • Safe Room Process
  • Life Tribute
  • Student Belongings and the Empty Desk
  • Student Announcements
  • Media and Communications
  • Needs of Administration
  • Needs of Staff
  • Life Tribute
  • Next Steps: Organizational Options

A well-trained district crisis response team  is one truly amazing way to give back to your families and  community.

Flight Team (crisis response team) members respond to and support a  campus going through a crisis or tragedy. This course will give you the foundation team members need to respond with confidence.

Miko Price | School Counselor, Phoenix, AZ

Ready to get started?

Training is $350 per team member.



We start a new cohort each fall, and spring, and possibly winter.

Fall Session:   Weekly on Tuesdays

Sept. 27 – Nov. 8    

10 am – 12:45 pm Pacific Time          


BOCES, IUs, ESDs and other Education Services Agencies:  When your districts are ready for the next level of preparedness, we’ll set up training for your group.  Be in touch here and we’ll tailor it to your unique needs!  



Recommended Material

Crisis Resource Manual, included

The Crisis Resource Manual is your “go to” guide for critical decisions and actions on crisis day. Content which is crucial on crisis day is in the front, making for quick access and ease of use when crisis strikes. The back of the book contains material helpful in planning for crisis response.

Training Manual, $55 for attendees

We highly recommend that this be used with the Crisis Resource Manual. Each chapter covers a different content area, and some chapters have exercises designed to help participants become more aware of their own issues from past experiences. 

The Safe Room book by CheriLovre

Safe Room Book, $18

This book covers all dimensions of facilitating Safe Rooms — those nurturing spaces set aside for students who are in more profound grief following the death of a peer. Topics include philosophy, room set-up, rules and behavior management, activities and much more. 

Let’s Do This!