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Training Resources

Welcome to the resource page for those who have completed Flight Team Training.

This is where you’ll find materials that were requested for your group.  Please contact us if there is anything you can’t find or need any assistance.

Resources and Downloads

Please note!.  This is the culmination of my work. I want to be generous, and I also want to trust that I can offer it in this format and that participants will respect the copyright.  If there is anything here you wish to distribute for an inservice of your staff or some other purpose, notify us at CMI and we’ll supply a clean copy with a special notation in the footer specifying your permission for its use.  These are not offered for you to email and share with others who have not had the training!  Keep the trust alive!  Thanks!  Cheri Lovre



Flow Chart of Response Day One

Cross Ref Content w/ Crisis Resource Manual

Grief Developmental Stages

Conceptual Background Suicide Stair-Steps


What to Do w/ the Empty Desk *

* For the video “What to Do With the Empty Desk, scroll down on the All Staff Preparedness web page and you’ll see it.  It is the demo in the small window toward the bottom.


Meditation #1

by Crisis Management Institute

Meditation #2

by Crisis Management Institute

For CEUs and Continuing Ed

This PDF has information that may be helpful if you are applying for CEUs through your professional association or district.

LCSW CEU Application Info

FTT – Training Outcomes

Content Info on Flight Team Training

My Pledge to Participants

My goal is to support you in being knowledgeable, skillful and effective and all the while, maintaining a sense of confidence and calm.  It is in everyone’s best interest that you have all the support you need to take content into skills.

Nothing is set in stone.  If you need more focus on certain topics, let me know.  I may already have handouts or resources that will be helpful.

This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship.  When you find yourself in a response that has overwhelming aspects, don’t hesitate to be in touch to see if I can help out. 

Looking forward ~


“Cheri’s wealth of experience brings rich insight and much depth to the training.  It changed more than my skillset; it changed my life.”

Cheri Lovre is the embodiment of what she teaches. As a master communicator, with skill and compassion, she can help transform a school. During 9/11, 2001, I was Director of Pupil Personnel Services in the NYC school district, surrounding the World Trade Center. The advice, warmth and wisdom Cheri offered – while essential during crisis – is needed everyday, in every school, facing the challenges and stressors of daily lives.


Marjorie Robbins, Pupil Personnel Services Director for NYCBOE, District Two, Lower Manhattan


Material Covered

Orientation to Crisis Response

Overview of Crisis Response
Flow Chart of Crisis Day


Tasks of Grief
Developmental Stages of Grief


Garlinghouse Theory
Impact of Suicide on a Response


Trauma in the Individual
Trauma – Impact on a Response

Roles of Staff & Flight Team, Safe Room Activities

Roles of Staff and Flight Team
Safe Room Activities

Safe Room

Safe Room Organization
Safe Room Process

Life Tribute & Student Belongings, The Empty Desk

Life Tribute
Student Belongings and the Empty Desk

Media & Communications

Student Announcements
Media and Communications

Needs of Staff

Needs of Administration
Needs of Staff

Life Tribute and Next Steps

Life Tribute
Next Steps: Organizational Options

Recommended Material

Crisis Resource Manual, included

The Crisis Resource Manual is your “go to” guide for critical decisions and actions on crisis day. Content which is crucial on crisis day is in the front, making for quick access and ease of use when crisis strikes. The back of the book contains material helpful in planning for crisis response.

Training Manual, $55 for attendees

We highly recommend that this be used with the Crisis Resource Manual. Each chapter covers a different content area, and some chapters have exercises designed to help participants become more aware of their own issues from past experiences. 

The Safe Room book by CheriLovre

Safe Room Book, $18

This book covers all dimensions of facilitating Safe Rooms — those nurturing spaces set aside for students who are in more profound grief following the death of a peer. Topics include philosophy, room set-up, rules and behavior management, activities and much more.