Flight Team Facilitator Registration Information

Welcome to the resource page for those in Facilitator Training.  We’ll keep it clean and simple and easy for you to locate all information related to the process of training for and training as a Facilitator for CMI.

First off, a huge welcome to our second cohort of Facilitators.  This is a new program, so we started small last year, dipping our toes in the water and working out the kinks.  The training of the Facilitators and the trainings they provided to their staff went remarkably well, so we’re pleased to move forward to expand the league.



You will find documents that relate to the expectations and the contract Facilitators will sign in order to be allowed to use CMI materials and provide this training. We recommend you look through the contract for being a Facilitator before taking the training to be sure you’re willing to abide by the expectations!

Agreements & Understandings

Facilitator Contract 2021


My Pledge to Facilitators

Once you become a Facilitator, my goal is to support you in being the very best! That’s a good thing for both of us. It is in everyone’s best interest that you have all the support you need to bring participants along in building skills and confidence.

Once you complete the Facilitator Training, you’ll have my cell phone number. I want to be readily available for texts or calls with small wonderings or large questions. My only request is that you remember that I live in the Pacific time zone and that you’ll place calls during my business hours, which may start later than yours.

Looking forward ~


Training Overview

  • Training will be completed in ten 2-hour sessions.

  • All participants attend a weekly Zoom session with Cheri.

  • Weekly assignments are completed in small group online video sessions at times of your group’s choosing.

  • Homework is submitted weekly for feedback and comments.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who has attended Cheri’s Lovre’s 3-Day Crisis Response Training Workshop and is passionate about training others


$695 per participant

What's Included

  • 20 hours of live training with Cheri Lovre
  • Access to all Handouts and Materials for use in future trainings
  • Access to a private forum with all other trained facilitators
  • Direct access to Cheri during “Office Hours”
  • Discounts on future Webinars
  • 15 weeks of video access for each training you facilitate

Training your district’s crisis response team members is one truly amazing way to give back to your community.

Flight Team (crisis response team) members respond to and support campuses going through a crisis or tragedy. This course will give you the foundation to train new team members annually, be an empathic flight team leader, while also addressing any concerns you might have about the process.

Miko Price | School Counselor, Phoenix, AZ

Material Covered

Orientation to Crisis Response

Overview of Crisis Response
Flow Chart of Crisis Day


Tasks of Grief
Developmental Stages of Grief


Garlinghouse Theory
Impact of Suicide on a Response


Trauma in the Individual
Trauma – Impact on a Response

Roles of Staff & Flight Team, Safe Room Activities

Roles of Staff and Flight Team
Safe Room Activities

Safe Room 2

Safe Room Organization
Safe Room Process

Life Tribute & Student Belongings, The Empty Desk

Life Tribute
Student Belongings and the Empty Desk

Media & Communications

Student Announcements
Media and Communications

Needs of Staff

Needs of Administration
Needs of Staff

Life Tribute and Next Steps

Life Tribute
Next Steps: Organizational Options

Recommended Material

Crisis Resource Manual, included

The Crisis Resource Manual is your “go to” guide for critical decisions and actions on crisis day. Content which is crucial on crisis day is in the front, making for quick access and ease of use when crisis strikes. The back of the book contains material helpful in planning for crisis response.

Training Manual, $55 for attendees

We highly recommend that this be used with the Crisis Resource Manual. Each chapter covers a different content area, and some chapters have exercises designed to help participants become more aware of their own issues from past experiences. 

The Safe Room book by CheriLovre

Safe Room Book, $18

This book covers all dimensions of facilitating Safe Rooms — those nurturing spaces set aside for students who are in more profound grief following the death of a peer. Topics include philosophy, room set-up, rules and behavior management, activities and much more.