Be the Go-To Resource on Crisis Training for Your Districts

Amplify your value to your districts by providing crisis response training that’s consistent across your entire ESD area. Not only will any response be more effective, you can draw from any district if extra support is needed.

Increase Each District’s Capacity

Train your districts to respond to crises with confidence. By providing common language and consistent process across your ESD, you’ll have all your schools prepared to support another effectively, even if it’s in another district. This frees you up to help plan the long-term response to any crisis.  

Increase Capacity ESD
Coordinate and Mobilize ESD

Lead by Coordination & Mobilization

You can become the go-to for organizing each district’s training and the hub to mobilize response. This Facilitator Training will help you determine and develop the organizational option that’s best for your ESA’s region.

Become the Training Conduit for Response and Prevention

Once you’ve complete crisis response training across your ESA, continue to build your prevention, response, and postvention capacity. Our facilitators receive discounts on most of our trainings and resources so you can keep honing your tools and improving practices across your region.

Resources ESD

Training Overview

  • Training is a total of 20 hours
  • All participants attend a weekly Zoom session with Cheri
  • Weekly assignments are completed in small group online video sessions at times of your group’s choosing
  • Each training requires at least two co-facilitators
  • Completing Flight Team training is a prerequisite to Facilitator Training

Who Should Attend

We encourage ESDs to train three individuals. This allows two facilitators to lead each training and keep a third as a backup.


$695 per participant

What's Included

  • 20 hours of live training with Cheri Lovre
  • Access to all Handouts and Materials for use in future trainings
  • Access to a private forum with all other trained facilitators
  • Direct access to Cheri during “Office Hours”
  • Discounts on future Webinars
  • 15 weeks of video access for each training you facilitate

Ready to get started?

Training investment is $695.

New cohorts begin fall, winter & spring.

Winter dates: Jan. 13 – Mar 3

Thursdays,   11:30 – 2  PST

Summer Fast Track: If we have enough participants, we’ll do a 2022 summer session

State ESA organizations: If you have enough districts intereested, we’ll provide a training just for your state. Dates and times flexible to meet your needs.

Material Covered

Orientation to Crisis Response

Overview of Crisis Response
Flow Chart of Crisis Day


Tasks of Grief
Developmental Stages of Grief


Garlinghouse Theory
Impact of Suicide on a Response


Trauma in the Individual
Trauma – Impact on a Response

Roles of Staff & Flight Team, Safe Room Activities

Roles of Staff and Flight Team
Safe Room Activities

Safe Room 2

Safe Room Organization
Safe Room Process

Life Tribute & Student Belongings, The Empty Desk

Life Tribute
Student Belongings and the Empty Desk

Media & Communications

Student Announcements
Media and Communications

Needs of Staff

Needs of Administration
Needs of Staff

Life Tribute and Next Steps

Life Tribute
Next Steps: Organizational Options

Recommended Material

Crisis Resource Manual, included

The Crisis Resource Manual is your “go to” guide for critical decisions and actions on crisis day. Content which is crucial on crisis day is in the front, making for quick access and ease of use when crisis strikes. The back of the book contains material helpful in planning for crisis response.

Training Manual, $55 for attendees

We highly recommend that this be used with the Crisis Resource Manual. Each chapter covers a different content area, and some chapters have exercises designed to help participants become more aware of their own issues from past experiences. 

The Safe Room book by CheriLovre

Safe Room Book, $18

This book covers all dimensions of facilitating Safe Rooms — those nurturing spaces set aside for students who are in more profound grief following the death of a peer. Topics include philosophy, room set-up, rules and behavior management, activities and much more.