How to Talk About Politics Without Losing Your Friends

Our resources provide strategies and techniques to help you when you are having conversations of a political nature; communicating with family, co-workers, and friends who may have different political beliefs than you; and what you can do to keep your stress and anxiety levels in check when engaged in political dialogue.

Introductory Video

This series is built on the platform of our successful social/emotional learning platform, 5 Radical Minutes. This video demonstrates how to use these tools for best results.

Prompts for Discussion

Keeping personal bias out of our discussion is sometimes difficult. These prompts are designed to help elicit meaningful discussions about important issues.


Brain Science Video

Stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on our overall health.  This video helps us understand how the brain responds to elevated levels of stress hormones in our bloodstream and what we can do to remain centered.


Meditation and Mindfulness

Staying calm and centered is an important element to having meaningful discussions about sometimes volatile issues.  Through this program we will provide you with some practices that will help you remain in a positive mindset.


Cheri Lovre

Cheri started her career as a behavioral specialist writing IEPs and working with behaviorally challenged students in schools.  

Her 40+ years addressing school crisis response, trauma intervention, and violence prevention has informed her work in providing youth, parents, and our communities what is needed in order to lower anxieties and build resilience.

Free Resources

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Learn More About 5 Radical Minutes

5 Radical Minutes is a systematic way to build deeper connections with those around us, especially if we have differing viewpoints. This daily practice teaches new rules of engagement: to listen more openly, to reflect more quietly, and to respond more thoughtfully.