Distance Learning Covid Crisis Response

This 90-minute course adapts traditional school crisis response team training so crisis responders can be effective during distance learning.

Who It's For

This crisis response course is useful for school staff who support students through Covid-19 challenges and deaths.

While all who take this course will benefit, it is most effective when an Administrator, Counselor and Teacher from a single building take it together.

Course content takes the foundation of traditional crisis response teamwork in schools into the distance learning environment.

Communicate Safely & Effectively

In this segment you’ll develop guidelines for:

  • School and district confidentiality
  • General conversations with students about Covid
  • Communication with families following a Covid diagnosis or death
  • Communication when a student is diagnosed with Covid


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<a href="http://www.freepik.com">Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik</a>

Conduct Virtual Safe Rooms, Life Tributes & Vigils

In this segment, you’ll develop standards for:

  • Maintaining confidentiality while supporting students in a Virtual Safe Room 

  • Planning a Virtual Life Tribute 

  • Conducting Virtual Vigils

Facilitate Activities

In this segment, you’ll learn interactive activities for use in:

  • Virtual Safe Rooms with students
  • Families learning how to handle distance learning
  • Coping with a pandemic
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Ready to get started?

Gain the skills necessary to keep your school mentally and emotionally strong through the Covid pandemic. Not only will they be able to continue learning, they’ll be more able to learn whenever in-person schooling starts back up.