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If you’ve attended Cheri Lovre’s 3-day Crisis Response Training, you now have the opportunity to become a Flight Team Facilitator for others. The first cohort will be held twice weekly from July 6 to August 6. Facilitator Training invites experienced Flight Team members (school crisis responders) to become CMI Certified Facilitators. Those who successfully complete this ten-session training will then be able to use the CMI training materials to train school and local mental health agency staff who would like to serve on a school crisis response team.


  • Training will be completed in ten 1-hour sessions.
  • Participants will attend the weekly Zoom sessions with Cheri Lovre.
  • Weekly assignments will be completed in small group online video sessions at times of your group’s choosing.
  • Content will include segments on crisis day, grief, the impact of suicide and trauma on responses, facilitating Safe Rooms, life tributes and more.
  • Our first cohort of Facilitators will be welcomed this summer with trainings twice weekly, from July 6 until August 6.
  • Additional support sessions will be held quarterly, and will build on foundational concepts, as well as address questions and issues that come up during trainings.

Discussion Forum:

The discussion forum for this course can be found here.


Once trained, Flight Team Facilitators will use our 20 video segments and oversee each corresponding 30-minute activity that participants will complete in small groups. Each segment addresses a specific area of crisis response, and each activity is designed to shift concepts into skills.  


Participants must have already attended at least one three-day Crisis Response training with Cheri Lovre.