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A 25-Segment Course on Crisis Response in Schools

The complete resource:

The 25 videos are valuable in and of themselves, but there are also downloads for each segment.  The “Materials” tab above the video has a handout that recaps the content covered, so after staff has viewed the video, you can share copies of that document.

Additionally, this program works well as professional development by using each segment as the basis for a 30-minute PD session.  Show the video, pass out the activity and give staff 15 minutes in small groups focused on the worksheet provided.  Save a few minutes for large group discussion.  Worksheets ask questions to help staff apply the concept to your own unique building culture and needs, and then to take this knowledge into skills.

These activities can also be done independently, in asynchronous small groups (such as grade-level meetings or high school departmental meetings).


A few tips up front:

Intended audience: Although designed specifically for schools, this course can be an important part of professional development for staff that work with youth in a range of settings. Often we think that having a well-trained crisis response team makes all the difference, but staff can play a much larger role in responding and recovering from difficult incidents if they have training.  Insights from this course can help staff prevent some crises and be much more prepared for those we can’t prevent.

Pause: There is a pause/play button in the lower left corner. This is preferable to signing out and back in, as most courses have limited re-entries.

Taking notes: Have a pen and paper so you can take notes as you go for your own thoughts and to journal or answer questions as you watch.