MS/HS Course: Week 6, Day 1


For Teachers

This week we’re going to address bias. Particularly because of the political events around the country, we often think of bias as being specific to Black Lives Matter or one specific group or effort. 

The outgrowth of bias is about the differences that divide us, so especially in the beginning, we’ll keep this quite general.


Who is someone from history whose life was very different from yours that you admire or respect?  Instead of each of you taking 90 seconds, this time just go back and forth and help one another think of people you think students might admire.

You might give them a few ideas from a range of people… Gandhi, Harriett Tubman, President Lincoln and any others you wish.


What do you notice when you listen to the people that were mentioned?

What did they have in common?

Daily Challenge

There is so much to admire about other people, especially those who are very different than we are or who have faced far different challenges than we have.

Today, notice the things you admire about people, whether those around you or those you learn about in your classes.