MSHS: Week 7, Day 1


This week we’re going to focus on coping skills that can help us with feelings of sadness, loss and depression.

There is a whole continuum from feeling momentarily sad about something all the way to feeling “sadder than sad” and having the experience that you can’t lift yourself out of a deep sadness. 

It helps us to know we’re not alone, and it helps us even more to see that others have ideas that we haven’t thought of yet; ideas that can give us coping skills to help lift ourselves back up. 

So today’s prompt is to talk about the things you think some parents and other adults might do to help kids who are struggling with an ongoing sense of sadness.


How were your ideas similar?

Daily Challenge

Today, notice whether there are friends who might need a little support.  Reach out!

High Five Finale

Has anyone able to reach out to a friend today? Keep it up! Supportive friends are one of the most valuable things we can have!