Week 3, Day 3


Gather post-it notes and a place to collect them all, such as a flip chart.

Invite students to write responses to the prompt on a post-it note during their two minutes, one idea per note.

What are some attributes, or behaviors, or attitudes you can list of the people you most respect?


During the last minute, have students post their ideas on one section of a white board, a flip chart paper, or on a wall, and leave it up for a couple of days so students can look for new ideas. Invite one or two students to share their ideas as everyone posts their ideas.

You might take a picture of the ideas with your phone and compile a document for each of your students (either print out or digital) so they all have additional tools at their fingertips if they help relaxing.

Daily Challenge

Today, let’s continue to collect our thoughts together on a flip chart [or other location in the room]. When you have an idea, jot it down on a post-it note and add it to the list. By the end of the day, we should have a really great list of character traits going.

High Five Finale

We’ve collected a lot of ideas today. How many of you know someone with at least one of these character traits? How does that person make you feel?