Week 3, Day 1


Gather post-it notes and a place where students can post them all, such as a flip chart. If physical distancing constraints won’t allow this, you may write a list on the board with students calling out their ideas. The goal is to make a visual that gives all students lots of new ideas about dealing with stress.


Blue boxes denote content to read directly to students. Read the following:

Hand out post-it notes to each student.

What are ways you’ve learned to relax or ideas you’ve heard from others about how to calm oneself when feeling stress?

If students are paired, give each person 2 minutes to share. If in small groups or one large group, give 4 minutes.


This will be a whole class discussion, whether you're in-person or virtual.

For our last minute, let’s collect all our post-it notes on our flip chart. 

Daily Challenge

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

Everybody has stress, but there are things we can learn from one another that might give us new ideas on how to manage it. Take a second glance through the list for today and see what new ideas might work for you.

High Five Finale

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

Was anyone able to try a new idea for handling stress? How did it work for you?


Note: Think of a way you can get all these ideas to each and every student. Perhaps you can take a photo of all the ideas on the flip chart and email it to all students. You could print out the image for all students to take home. You could also keep it displayed in the room so all students can refer to it as needed.

Prepare: Note: You’ll need to use your flip chart and more post-it notes for Wednesday’s prompt.