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Primary: Week 5, Day 5 PREVIEW


Don’t rush today’s narration.

Today we’re going to take some time for a Blue Sky moment… when we close our eyes and imagine something. 

It is a little bit like lying down in the grass and looking up at the clouds and seeing what each cloud reminds you of… whether it looks like a pony or a giraffe or a house! 

If you don’t want to close your eyes, you could just put your hands in your lap and look down at them. 

So let’s all get quiet inside and close our eyes and take a deep breath… in, a little more, and exhale and relax. 

OK with eyes closed, imagine that you can see the face of someone who always makes  you feel good. It might be a grandparent or a friend you know from your neighborhood… it could even be your puppy! Let yourself see that person smiling at you. Let yourself smile and breathe in again, nice and deep, and just relax. 

Feel how good it feels to just remember what it is like to be with that person? Let’s do one more deep breath….  in, in, a little more, breathe out and just relax and smile.  


What are some words that describe how we feel inside right now? 

Help students see how some of their answers are similar. You might ask “How many of you also felt that way?” as children mention their feelings. 

Daily Challenge

Today, think about being that person that makes other people feel good when you’re around.  Smiling helps!!

High Five Finale

Did everyone smile just a little bit more today?  How did that change how your day went?