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Primary: Week 5, Day 4 PREVIEW


Today is a two-part prompt.

First minute: Let’s look for words again!  We can use our feelings chart again if you want. What are some words that tell us how you feel on the inside when you have a hard day. 


How do we feel when something happens that we get in trouble or mom and dad aren’t happy with us or somebody at school isn’t very nice to us… what are words that tell us how we feel on the inside?  Let’s make a list.


Second part:  Now let’s make an even longer list of what we can do to help ourselves feel better when we are feeling a little [down… unhappy… Use words they’ve given you!]  


Help with ideas if need be, such as finding your favorite stuffy, go to your favorite hiding place, get your favorite picture book, draw a picture, etc.


Did someone else give an idea that you liked?

Daily Challenge

Today, let’s see how many ways we can help each other feel good!! 

High Five Finale

Who had someone help them feel good today? Who helped someone else feel good? How did that make you feel?