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Primary: Week 5, Day 3 PREVIEW


Today we’re going to do animals with feelings. This is really fun. 

Who can show us one animal that might be an animal that is strong. Tell us what animal it is, and show us with your body – pose like that animal.  

OK and what about an animal that is fierce and scary? What animal is that? How would you pose to be that animal?

Great! Now who can be an animal that is shy or timid?

Yes!  And what about an animal that is curious? Who knows what that word means… curious.  Who can show us a curious animal? 

What are some other animals and how do they feel inside?


For everybody who wants to be fierce like a lion, let’s do lion pose!  Great! 

And how about a timid bunny. Let’s all be a bunny. 

[Play with this a bit.]

Daily Challenge

It’s fun to think about the way animals might feel. Think about how you feel, and what animal you may be like in that moment.

High Five Finale

Who thought about animals and feelings? What animal did you feel like today?