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Primary: Week 5, Day 2 PREVIEW


Remember yesterday when we looked at faces and learned about how we might be able to tell how people feel by looking at their faces? Today we’re going to do more about that, but this time, we’re going to talk about how our whole bodies look when we feel one way or another. 

Let’s start with the really fun ones. Somebody [or invite everybody] show me one way a body might look when we’re happy! 

[You might demonstrate with a happy face, arms up, etc… can be just your upper body if on distance learning.]  

OK let’s see how our bodies might look if we’re afraid, or scared.  [Demonstrate if they need you to.]  

How do our bodies look when we’re learning? What about when we’re surprised? Who can think of another feeling to show us with your body?


Let’s hear what your favorite ones were today? Who can show us one?

Daily Challenge

Today, work on letting your face and body show what you’re feeling.

High Five Finale

Who remembered to let their face and body show what they’re feeling? Share with us how it went!