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Primary: Week 5, Day 1 PREVIEW


We’re going to use feelings charts for some activities. You can find some free ones here:

You’re welcome to use one you have as well.


Let’s look at all of these faces.  Can you tell that different faces are about feeling different feelings? Can you name any of these?

[Let kids identify expressions and feelings.]

Let’s have fun with this. See this face?  It says happy. This person is smiling.  Who can show us a happy face?  

[Let kids demonstrate.]

This one is sad.  Who can show us a sad face?  Very good!! 

[Continue to have kids demonstrate, and have fun with this. Then, you make a few faces and see if they can guess…]   

If I have this kind of face, what do you think I might be feeling inside?

[Try a range of them and let them guess. Lots of praise for their attempt, even if not correct.] 


Let’s all make a face that we have when we are having the most fun! 

See if you can generate a little laughter with this!

Daily Challenge

Let’s remember to use our faces today to help express our feelings.

High Five Finale

Who had fun today expressing feelings? Which one was the best for you?