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Primary: Week 24, Day 4 PREVIEW


Today we’re going to talk about how we work things out so we can accept someone else’s idea or something they really want.

Help me come up with ideas for these situations.

Johnnie and Susie are brother and sister. They play together a lot. This time, Johnnie wants to ride bikes and Susie wants to play with play dough.
What could they do to work this out?

Janie drew a picture, and then Billy used it to make a paper airplane. Janie was upset and said she never wanted him to do that again.
How could they work it out? “Compromise”

[Not just for Billy to agree not to do that, but for Janie to help find paper that he could use for his airplanes. Help students see that it isn’t one person always giving in, but that it might be both people giving a little to make it work.]

Mary and her sister loved to roller skate and Mary was all excited to do that one afternoon, but her sister had a broken leg and was in a cast, so she couldn’t roller skate. 
How could Mary show acceptance?

Who has an idea about a time that someone might need to show acceptance?


Let’s hear from you. How does acceptance help our world?

Daily Challenge

Today look for times to be accepting!

High Five Finale

Did anybody find times to be accepting today?