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Primary: Week 24, Day 3 PREVIEW



Let’s use some words to talk about acceptance.

Let’s see what words might be helpful.

[As you go through the below scenarios, you might coach children toward some of the suggested responses we provide, or you can roll with it in your own conversational style.]

If I dropped something of yours and it broke, I would say, “I’m sorry!” 
What might you say to let me know you accept me, even if you are still upset about the item?
~ It’s okay – I’m sad now but I know It was a mistake,

 • I’m new to this school and I don’t have any friends yet.
What might you say to let me know you still accept me?
~Do you want to play with me?
~Would you like to learn a new game with me?
~Tell me what you did at your other school; we do that here too!

 • I feel really upset right now.
What might you say to let me know you still accept me, even when I’m upset?
~Do you need a friend?
~Want to play with my toy?
~I still want to be your friend
~Would you like to…get a drink of water, have me sit with you?



Who heard a new idea today?

Daily Challenge

Today watch to see whether anybody needs a kind word from you.

High Five Finale

Did anybody find a moment to be kind and accepting today?