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MSHS: Week 6, Day 3 PREVIEW


For this prompt, change the time so students have more time for large group discussion (which is usually only one minute

How would you define bias? 


Let’s look at the words and concepts you identified.

Take some time to discuss this.

Let’s settle on one definition of bias as “favoring one point of view over another.”  It can also be “a judgment about people who are different.”

An example of bias: If someone has a bias about women, they can take two different approaches. If they’re biased toward women, they might hire only women because they feel they make better employees for some gender-related reason. Conversely, if they’re biased against women, they might hire a man over a more-qualified female candidate.

Daily Challenge

Today notice whether your circle of friends includes only people who are very similar to yourself or people who have some similarities and some differences.

High Five Finale

Can anyone share what they noticed today about friend groups? It doesn’t have to be your specific friend group, but what did you notice about friend groups in general today?