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MSHS: Week 17, Day 3 PREVIEW


Anxiety is future focused.  One of the most helpful techniques for managing anxiety is to become present instead of worrying about something that may or may not happen in the future.  It may seem strange to focus on helping kids get “into the present”, but if you have that concept, it will be helpful.


Anxiety is a great discomfort that is caused from worrying about something that might or might not happen in the future. Don’t reveal anything you want to keep private, but think back to your earlier life and see if you can identify some things that made you anxious that actually panned out alright or were, perhaps, alright all along (like fears about monsters in the closet when you’re little).


What did you have in common with others?

Daily Challenge

Continue to be aware of your own anxiety at different times during the day.

High Five Finale

When you lie down for bed, take deep breaths after you turn out the light and remind yourself about everything that is OK about where you are right now.