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MSHS: Week 17, Day 1 PREVIEW


This week is about anxiety.  The U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in cutting and self-injurious behaviors.  Here is an article about this if you’d like to learn more.


Teens are experiencing anxiety at an unprecedented rate, and this week we’re going to look at how we can manage anxiety and may be able to find relief.  For our first day, let’s make a list of the kinds of stressors that teens have that may cause anxiety for some.


Now look at your list and put “C” after those you think you could do something to control it and “NC” after those that you have little or no control over.

Daily Challenge

As you walk through  your day, just be aware of your anxiety level or lack of anxiety altogether.

High Five Finale

Tonight as you’re falling asleep, take some deep breaths are really relax once you have the light out.  Just become aware of your level of stress or anxiety.