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Elementary: Week 8, Day 5 PREVIEW


We know that students won’t attempt something they can’t imagine, and that beyond that, they’re most likely to attempt something when adults in the child’s world believe in their ability to succeed.  These recordings of imagining, or Blue Sky Moments, bring the child to imagine something and for you to be that validating voice.


Today we’re going to do some more imagining, so let’s get ready to take our deep breath and listen to the voice in the recording.

Listen to the “What Would You Like To Be” on the Blue Sky Moments page.


Let’s hear some of the your ideas about the kinds of work people do that some of you might enjoy?

Your responses can include:  What a great idea!  Oh I bet some of the rest of you liked that one, too.  You know, when we study and learn, we have lots of opportunities.”

Daily Challenge

Today you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to be when you grow up.  Today just enjoy being _______ graders! [Name your grade level.]

High Five Finale

What did you like best about being a ________ grader today?