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Elementary: Week 8, Day 1 PREVIEW


For Teachers

This week is on diversity and inclusion. As our societal landscape becomes increasingly divided and divisive, our goal is to bridge that divide, student by student. 


The intent is to help students reach past the reticence, reluctance or judgement that creates divisions and to recognize that all people are worthy of respect based on their behaviors, not based on any identified “group”.  For younger students, especially in the beginning we’ll keep this quite general.


Using a variety of the pictures provided, ask the prompt questions. (Click images to enlarge.)



What does this person know how to do? What skill does this person have? How does this person help others? 


What do you want to do when you grow up?

Daily Challenge

Today when we do school work, if you get bored, just remember… we need to learn all this stuff now so we can do the job we want later!

High Five Finale

Did you all work hard at learning today? Great! You’re getting ready to be a helper when you’re grown up.