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Elementary: Week 14, Day 4 PREVIEW


Yesterday we talked about the reasons sometimes kids might be reluctant to (or might not feel comfortable) stepping in to help someone who is being teased.  One thing we talked about was that sometimes you would feel like it wasn’t safe, because maybe there were lots of other kids and you were outnumbered. 

What could you do if it didn’t feel safe or if you were outnumbered?

Note: Help students come up with ideas like the following: 

  • Look for helpers – are there adults who would help?

  • If you’re at school, find adults

  • Are there other kids you can connect with to see what you all can do?

  • Are there older kids nearby who might have helpful ideas?


The first thing is that it is important that you stay safe.  How were some of our ideas about being able to help but still stay safe similar?

Daily Challenge

Today, look for kids who could use a smile or a kind word.  Be the one who connects!

High Five Finale

Tonight think about all the people in your life who help you feel better when you’re down.  How can you let them know how important that is to you?