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Elementary: Week 14, Day 3 PREVIEW


Sometimes there is someone that we don’t really know, but we know who they are. Like kids who ride the bus with you, but you’ve never spoken to them.  

You might also see them on the playground, and you recognize them, and you might not know their name, but you are sure you know who they are. 

Maybe one day you see some other kids teasing her. Some kids might step forward to help her, and other kids might wait and watch and not be sure what to do.

We could call those kids that step forward to help an ally. If you were seeing something like that happen, what are all the reasons it might be really hard to step forward to help? Why might some kids hang back?

Note: Help them come up with some thoughts along the lines of:

  • There might be so many kids doing the teasing that it doesn’t feel safe

  • They’re not sure what to do

  • They’d never thought about helping someone they didn’t know


How were some of the fears you thought of similar to others?

Daily Challenge

Today notice if there are kids who need allies.

High Five Finale

Tonight talk with your family about the concept of allies.