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Elementary: Week 14, Day 2 PREVIEW


Today we’re talking about friends, and what helps us feel connected to people. 


Today we’re going to talk about what kinds of friends we are. Take a moment to think about the ways in which you help your friends by being a good friend. What kinds of things can we do that other will appreciate?

I’ll help us get started.  I know my friend appreciated it one day when she was sick and I took her some soup for dinner.

And another one. I remember once when my sister got in a fight with her best friend and she felt really guilty. I listened to her talk about how awful it felt to feel guilty and after we talked about it for awhile, she called her friend to say she was sorry. My sister just needed me to listen and she figured out what to do. 

What are all the kinds of things can we do when our friends need us?

Note: You might help the conversation with questions like:

  • What do our friends need from us when they’re sad?

  • What might someone want if they’re lonely?

  • What might your friend want if other kids are teasing?



When we think of the things we can do for friends, are those similar or different from what we want our friends to do for us?

Daily Challenge

Today, don’t miss a single time when you can reach out to be a good friend to someone!

High Five Finale

Tonight, talk to your family about what they most like in their friends.