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Elementary: Week 14, Day 1 PREVIEW


This week is about mental health issues that prevent suicide and reinforce self-esteem/self-confidence.  In order to help kids with the concepts and with finding responses, we suggest examples, but feel free to use your own that are genuinely yours.  Ours are just to give you the idea.


We have lots of different kinds of friends in our lives. Many are our own age, but some are older or younger, also. Today we’re going to talk about the reasons we like the friends we have.  I’ll help us get started:

I have friends who make me laugh. I like people who have a sense of humor.

Another one might be, I have a friend who shares. I like people who share.

What about your friends? What kinds of people are they?

Reinforce answers that are anywhere in the ballpark, and also ask questions that help kids identify things they can realize but might not have ever thought of without your questions.  Some might be:

  • When you’re feeling sad, what kinds of friends do you need?

       • What do  you want them to do?

  • When you’re feeling angry, what kinds of friends do you need?

       • What do you want them to do?

  • When adults scold you for something, what kinds of friends do you need?

  • When other kids tease you, what kinds of friends do  you need?


What did our ideas have in common?

Daily Challenge

Today, notice all the different ways your friends are wonderful!

High Five Finale

Tonight, ask your parents and siblings what kinds of people they like for friends.