Staff: Month 2, Meeting 3


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Have all staff pair off. (If you have an uneven number, one group will be a triad.)

Each person has 2 minutes to respond to the prompt uninterrupted. (Remind the second person to respond to the prompt, not what their partner has shared.

Today we’re going to try to identify a specific student in our past that is a success story.

Think of a time that you were able to help a student turn around a negative attitude or cope with a negative situation, and describe the difference that made for that student and for your class.

Ring the bell to start their time. Ring it after two minutes so partners can switch roles. Ring it again after 2 minutes to mark the end of this sharing time.


Do this during the last minute in pairs.

We have to remember to give kids credit when they can make a positive shift, but often they won’t do it without our support. In one sentence on your post-it note, describe what you did or what critical things you believed that made this positive change.

Ring the bell after 1 minute.

Weekly Challenge

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

This week, really focus on noticing and acknowledging kids who make positive changes. This little bit of encouragement might do great things!


For the next meeting, plan to show a really fun three-minute video, or see if someone on staff would write a hilarious parody about your school sung to a familiar tune, or prepare something you think will give everyone a good, healthy laugh.