Staff: Month 2, Meeting 2


Blue boxes denote content to read directly to your audience.

Have all staff pair off. (If you have an uneven number, one group will be a triad.)

Each person has 2 minutes to respond to the prompt uninterrupted. (Remind the second person to respond to the prompt, not what their partner has shared.)

Today we’re looking at what influences or intimidates some of our students.

Why do some kids feel marginalized? What kinds of issues do they have in their lives?

Ring the bell to start their time. Ring it after two minutes so partners can switch roles. Ring it again after 2 minutes to mark the end of this sharing time.


Do this during the last minute in pairs.

Is there anything either of you said that might spark an idea for helping these kids?

Ring the bell after 1 minute.

Weekly Challenge

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

This week, really notice students on the fringes and see if one of these new ideas might be the thing that really draws them in.