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MS/HS Course: Week 2, Day 5

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Blue boxes denote content to read directly to students.

Play one of the suggested videos offered on Week 1 Day 5 that feature speakers you think your students will find most interesting. If you’re unable to play videos in your class, choose something the whole group can do that would be just for fun.

Let’s watch this video together. Afterward we’ll take a minute to hear your thoughts about it. 


Let students share feedback and thank them for their thoughts.

Daily Challenge

Today, continue to use the mindfulness skills we’ve learned. 


Next week on Monday and Tuesday, we’re going to have students generate two lists of words. Read ahead to these 2 prompts and decide whether you’ll have students write on post-it notes and attach them in one area of the room, or on a flip-chart, or whether you want to use an alternate method.

The goal is for students to see how many ideas are generated by the class and that you capture those ideas for them so they can refer back to the list when they need it.