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MS/HS Course: Week 2, Day 4


When in small groups, it will often be suggested that one student take notes for the group. For the “connecting” time, you’ll be asking groups to share one good idea they had during their session. Having them prepared for someone to scribe their comments is helpful.


Blue boxes denote content to read directly to students.

Instruct students to find their small group – Stand-up groups save on time. Ask students to generate a list and be prepared for someone to give two or three of their ideas to share with the entire class. 

Today is your first small group session.

We’ve been talking about stress this week. Today in your small group, have someone take notes as you come up with a few of your own ideas about what students your age can do to manage stress.

See how many ideas you can generate.

Ring your bell or cymbal to denote the beginning of this 3 minute sharing time.

Allow students to take turns sharing their perspective. Encourage others to listen respectfully and wait their turn to speak. 

If you’d like to keep this activity to five minutes, consider coaching students on how to respond quickly yet thoughtfully.

Ring your bell or cymbal to denote the end of this sharing time.



This will be a whole class discussion.

Let’s hear from each group. What was your best idea? Or two or three of your best ideas?

Ring your bell or cymbal to denote the beginning and ending of this 2 minute sharing time.


Daily Challenge

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

We focused on ideas about managing stress for ourselves. But often, if we are careless with our words or uncaring, we’re the ones causing stress for others!

Today notice how you treat others and think about whether your impact might be causing them stress. Practice kindness!