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MS/HS Course: Week 2, Day 3


Blue boxes denote content to read directly to students. Read the following:

This is an easy prompt for starting paired sharing. Instruct students on how to pair up.

This is the first day of paired sharing. Today, when I give you the prompt, one of you will answer that prompt for 90 seconds while your partner only listens. When I ring the bell, finish your sentence and switch so the listener is now the speaker. After that, you will have one minute to discuss what you have in common. Here is your prompt:

Sometimes it is fun to think about what it was like when we were younger. Sometimes when we’re young, having a hiding place was just for fun, but sometimes it was also a place to get away from something stressful.

Share about a favorite hiding place you had when you were younger. Did you share it with others? Was it a secret from everyone? Did you find it by accident or did you decide to create a place? Usually, our favorite hiding places are places we feel safe. What about your hiding place helped you feel safe? 

Perhaps there was some other way you found to give yourself distance from stress when you were young?

Ring your bell or cymbal to denote the beginning of the first person’s sharing time.

Ring your bell or cymbal after 90 seconds to denote the partner’s sharing time.

If you’d like to keep today’s activity to five minutes, consider coaching students on how to respond quickly yet thoughtfully.

Ring your bell or cymbal after 90 seconds to denote the end of this sharing time.



What did you have in common about your hiding place? What did you learn about what helps you feel safe?

Ring your bell or cymbal to denote the beginning and ending of this 1 minute sharing time.

Daily Challenge

This allows you to close the discussion on a positive note.

Today, be aware of the times you feel safe and the times you wish you had a hiding place. Any time you don’t feel safe, give it a second thought. Is there anything you can do in the moment that would help you feel safer?