Reflections on September 11th

Reflections on September 11th

As we approach 9/11, I find myself a little listless and somewhat lonely. Until the towers fell, I experienced 9/11 just the way most people on the West Coast did – seeing the coverage, horrified to think of the trauma, stretching to wrap my mind around it...

Reflections on the 07-08 School Year

The ASCA conference is nearly upon us, which means we’ve wrapped up another school year. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year. This is a time when I can sit back to consider new trends and unusual phenomenon in the greater arena of school crisis. One...

Reflections on the shooting at Nickel Mines

Although I will edit some of the journaling I did while in Pennsylvania following the shooting of the Amish chidlren at Nickel Mines school, for now I’ll begin with just an over arching thought.With all of the school shootings we’ve had in the past, there...
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