Covid changed school as we know it.

But with change comes opportunity.


Our resources help you instigate positive change and prepare you for a meaningful beginning to the 20-21 school year.

Crisis Management Institute provides tools to help navigate the current crisis or make solid plans for the next one. 

Our 40+ years addressing school crisis response, trauma intervention, and violence prevention has taught us what youth, parents, and their communities need in order to lower anxieties and build resilience.

Covid-Specific Support

The pandemic has brought many challenges. We’ve built a growing collection of resources to meet the growing need.

School Counselors

Explore resources and receive support for student and staff SEL needs.

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Weekly Zoom Call


Learn how to have conversations with your children about anxiety and explore the resources for at-home learning and activities.

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Covid has created social-emotional needs for both your staff and your students.

Strategize Your School Reopening Plan

Develop a Distance Learning Crisis Response Plan

Addressing Grief

All we learn about helping students and staff grieve has pay-off for our personal lives as well, because grief and loss are part of life. These resources will help your gain an understanding of grief, the process of reconciling or coming to terms with loss, how to support that process and take advantage of the “teachable moments” that such times provide for improving student attitude and school climate.

How to Make a Death Announcement

Student Death Download

Supporting Youth In Grief

The Tasks of Grief

Leadership Resources

Strong leadership can build a more connected school culture.  These tools and resources will help you lead with confidence and build a thriving school environment for staff and students alike.

CMI Webinar Strategize Your School Reopening Plan

Strategize Your School Reopening Plan

This webinar examined student and staff social/emotional issues that will make or break your efforts next fall.

CMI Webinar Critical SEL Considerations for Covid

Critical Social Emotional Considerations for Covid

This webinar covers practical solutions that address the staff, student, and family social emotional needs during Covid.

CMI COURSE School Crisis Response Covid Edition

Covid Crisis Response

This online manual provide the foundation for your new crisis response plan. The included video segments and worksheets, will allow you to finish with a clear understanding on how to navigate diverse aspects of our current plight.

Crisis Response

CMI COURSE Flight Team Facilitator Training

Flight Team Facilitator Training

This training invites experienced Flight Team members (school crisis responders) to become CMI Certified Facilitators.

CMI COURSE All Staff Preparedness

All Staff Preparedness

This updated series includes 25 five-minute videos on topics most critical for responding to the most common kinds of crises schools face. 

Social Emotional Learning

According to Casel, social emotional learning not only increases academic performance, it enhances classroom behavior, teaches students to manage stress and depression, and lowers anxiety. The average return on investment is 11:1. Plus, it is proven to improve life outcomes. 

K-12 Curriculum

Based entirely on new research about the brain and the efficacy of both restorative practices and trauma-informed methodology in education, 5 Radical Minutes connects each student with every peer in the classroom in a compassionate, mindful, and meaningful way.

Free Staff Engagement Prompts

Designed to increase quality engagement among your staff, 5 Radical Minutes for Staff activities can be used in your weekly staff and department-level meetings. In just these five minute activities during each meeting, staff members will discover things in common with one another while sharing insights about how the program is working for them.

CMI Webinar Strategize Your School Reopening Plan

Strategize Your Reopening Plan

This webinar examines student and staff social/emotional issues that will make or break your efforts next fall.

Activities for Students,  Parents, & Staff

The resources below are from our Counselor and Parent websites. 

Creating Rituals that Feed Your Soul

Student Death Download

This activity accompanies the daily “Organizing Time to Bring More Joy” worksheet. Instead of listing the practical, necessary tasks for each day, you will explore various areas of life upon which to build soul-fueling rituals. You’ll have space to create a simple activity around the areas that are most important to you.

Organizing Time to Bring More Joy


While each day always requires flexibility, when you start the day with clear goals, the odds of getting your priorities completed is much higher. You can ensure you’re making time for self-care, taking enough breaks, optimizing your time, and getting the rest you need. Complete this simple worksheet and see how it can change your perspective.

Self Care: 25 Things I Love to Do


In this simple worksheet, you’re invited to list all the things you love to do and notice what’s changed in how frequently you pursue them. If you’re stopped doing some activities, explore why. This pause for reflection encourages you to shift some things in your life so you’re able to pursue what you love on a consistent basis. You may have to say “no” to something to make space, but self-care is vital if we are to care for others.

Our Shared Journal


This printable journal is perfect for you and your child to work on together — no matter the age! Simply print on 8.5 x 11″ paper, fold the pages in half, and staple together. You’ll each answer the same prompt, your child’s response on the top and your response on the bottom. You’ll discover each other’s perspective and glean insight into how you support one another even better as you go.