All Staff Preparedness

When school crisis unfolds, teachers in every classroom need to be ready and able to meet student needs. Because teacher education rarely covers critical skills for school crisis response, we’ve developed these tools and resources in this easy-to-implement video series.

What’s Included

The All Staff Preparedness video series includes 25 videos on topics most critical for responding to the most common kinds of crises schools face.

These 5-minute videos are designed to slip easily into existing staff or departmental meetings so you don’t have to set aside precious professional development days to keep your staff at high levels of readiness.

Increased Staff Confidence

Staff will have peace of mind and teachers will know how to prevent small crisis from cascading into larger ones.

Solid Guidelines

Staff will be able to collect practical guidelines for a variety of incidents that may occur in the classroom, the school, or the community at large.

25 5-Minute Training Videos

Each video is sharply targeted on one particular topic, so each session is laser-focused.

Interactive Skill-Building

Each video has an optional small group activity to take knowledge into hands-on skills.  Just watching the video brings knowledge; adding the activities builds skills.

Enhanced Trust in School

Students gain trust as teachers feel greater comfort being emotionally available and students’  needs are met.

Decreased Stress

No one will have to wonder, “What if…” because they know there’s already a clear plan of action ready to go when needed.

Handouts for Easy Reference

Each video has a handout that outlines the basic principles of each topic, and often include suggested scripts for staff to use or actions to take.

Available On-Demand

Because these videos are pre-recorded, they easily fit into your staff’s schedule, not ours.

Become the Experts

You’ll work together after each video and develop the plan that is best for your school and staff. Your school will know how to manage any crisis that comes your way.

Learn by Doing

Each video comes with small group activities to practice the principles presented.

Your staff won’t just sit and watch instructional videos. Each and every video lesson allows staff to work together to practice what they’ve learned in a very practical, hands-on fashion.

All Staff Preparedness Learn by Doing
All Staff Preparedness Build Guidelines

Build Personalized Guidelines

While each and every lesson is taught based on 40 years of experience, your school is unique.

Through handouts and activities, your staff will build a variety of crisis guidelines that meet the specific needs of your building.

Reduce Stress

When you have a specific, workable plan in place, you can move forward with confidence.

Knowing you can handle whatever comes your way lifts a heavy burden off everyone’s shoulders. By the end of this course, your staff will have identified strengths, assigned roles, and mapped out a working plan.

All Staff Preparedness Reduces Stress

Every year we focus on a different area to further develop or revisit as a part of our Safe Schools preparation using these resources.

The videos and activities that are included are effective in training your building-level crisis response team as well as your entire staff. 

The set up of the materials allows you flexibility in delivering this important professional development. The videos and activities can be embedded into team meetings or staff meetings and can be used in a variety of settings. 

Jennifer Dilks, Principal, Pennsylvania


The 25 videos included are as broad as they are deep.

From practical logistics to addressing grief, you’ll learn all the pieces of preparation and implementation.


How Teams Might Organize


Needs of Youth in Grief


Empty Desk: What to Do with Student Belongings


Suicide Prevention


Warning Sides of Potential Suicide


Missing Students


How to Make Announcements


Function of a Safe Room


Activities for Processing Loss


Handling the Classroom on Crisis Day


Guidelines for Teachers on Crisis Day


Memory Events


Effects of Trauma on Individuals


Prevention of Trauma


Followup for Staff and Students




Managing the Media


Signs of Need for Professional Help


Identifying Depression in Students


Terminal Illness


For Students Attending a Funeral for the First Time


Teachable Moments


Parent Communications

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