Your K12 SEL Solution

Our research-based solution provides fully
scripted, simple-to-implement daily activities for the K12 classroom. And because it’s only 5 minutes each day, your teachers and staff can easily include in their daily routine without additional work or pressure.

Is there an effective social emotional learning program that’s easy yet effective?


We call it 5 Radical Minutes.

Crisis Management Institute’s social emotional learning curriculum for K12 is based on 40+ years of real-world experience mitigating school crisis.



5 Radical Minutes is a research-based solution developed by Cheri Lovre, a Behavioral Specialist with 40+ years of experience in school crisis response. This trauma-informed approach further enriches this daily 5-minute program. 

900 Minutes for Every Student

Over the 180-day school year, your students will experience 900 minutes of targeted, engaging, community building activities that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Easy Access

Daily lessons are easy to access from computer, tablet, and phone.

Streamlined Format

Each day when you login, it’s easy to see exactly where to find the day’s prompt.

What’s Included


For Teachers: K12 Classroom Activities

K12 teachers enjoy 180 fully scripted, simple-to-implement daily activities for the classroom. And because it’s only 5 minutes each day, your teachers can easily include in their daily routine without additional work or pressure.


For School Counselors: Small Group Activities

Your school counselors will have weekly scripted activities for small pull-out groups on a variety of targeted topics. These 8-12 week group sessions cover anxiety, depression, grief, addiction in the home, wildfire loss, and more.


For Staff: Weekly Staff Meeting Activities

Your entire staff can experience weekly activities to deepen their social emotional learning skills. This focused, foundational building of skills will enhance school culture and help all aspects of your school run more smoothly.


Staff and Student Surveys

Three times a year, students and staff are encouraged to complete surveys.  Student questions include how many friends they have, how many students they’re afraid of and what kinds of problems they wish someone could address.  Staff surveys give insights about amount of teaching time lost to student conflict and numbers of students who are cause for concern for anger management, depression, etc.  This is your data!


Occasional Special Prompt Sets

When major crisis strikes, we sometimes provide specific prompts districts can choose to use.  For example, we have a whole set of prompts for schools that have been impacted by wildfires.  We provided a set on civility regarding the elections and wrote a long blog following George Floyd’s death to give teachers a starting place to address these issues with students.

The 5 Radical Minutes program brought a level of comfort to my freshman classroom that allowed all students to contribute to the classroom activities and allowed them to add their own unique personality.

Patrick Murphy
Black Black Horse Pike School District
Mathematics Teacher

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