Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays may look different this year, but there is still a lot to be grateful for. This holiday survival guide will provide you and your family with helpful tips on how to share your holidays during a pandemic.

Seeing loved ones can be one of the best things about the holiday season.

This year’s Covid restrictions require us to approach our holiday celebrations with creativity, intentionality, and patience.

So while this holiday season won’t be like any other we’ve ever had, we have an opportunity to invite meaning and deeper relationships with a little planning.

Set the Stage: Preparation and Opportunity

With proper planning and preparations you can create some fun holiday memories with your family and friends (even if you can’t get together in person).

Festive Frolic: Play Together

Even if we can’t gather in the same house, there are some fun ways to play and share across families. This guide provides some alternative ways to play some favorite holiday games with family and friends across the street or across the country.

Nostalgia: Cook Together

Part of what makes holidays so special is the time spent in the kitchen with friends and families across the generations. Just because you aren’t in the same kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t make these holiday memories together. Find some ways to have everyone gather together to prepare your holiday meal.

Warm & Cozy: Eat Together

Whether it is a work party, family gathering or your neighborhood holiday event, we want to bring everyone around the table. This guide provides some ways to share your meal and make new memories safely.

Add Sparkle: Make Memories Together

Make your holidays shine with special touches that will make your guests feel welcomed into your home, even if it is through FaceTime. We provide some fun ideas to help you add that signature touch.

Peace & Calm: Building a Framework for Celebration

You are the only one who can know what is best for your family. It is important to set ground rules early about how you will hand having or not having holiday guests. We provide a few resources to help start these discussions.

Joy & Laughter: The Benefit of Connection

Whether gathering in person or through an online platform, the holidays are all about being connected to each other. Keep the conversation going by using our conversation starters and add some of your own.

Merry & Bright: Managing Expectations

Even in the best of times managing expectations around the holidays can be stressful. Use this guide to help you have open conversations about your boundaries to set the stage for a safe, healthy and meaningful holiday.

Deck the Halls: Decorate Together

Every family has their own traditions around decorating for the holidays. Even if you can’t bring everyone together, you can still share the experience. Try some of the ideas outlined in this Holiday Survival Guide. Who knows, maybe you will start a new tradition.

Give Intentionally: Enjoy Together

This year has been a challenge for everyone and gift giving may look a little different. The pandemic has already changed how we shop, but we have come up with some strategic ideas to help make your gift giving more seamless and meaningful.

If you really want to safely celebrate the holidays, you’ll need to figure out how to avoid travel and large gatherings entirely while still weaving in traditions you know and love.”

Emily Landon MD, University of Chicago Medicine

Ready to start planning your holidays?